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I love Blog Carousel time! It’s fun choosing what I want to post for our monthly theme and more fun to follow along to see what everyone else has shared. With such a talented group of international portrait photographers there are always great images to discover!

I’m showing off one of my favorite families who so thoroughly illustrates the “Laughter” theme. It’s almost harder to catch them not laughing – the love and humor they share makes me so happy. This month they welcomed a new family member, more reason for joy! (Little man there is now a big brother to a gorgeous little sister, I’ll share her in another blog post soon!)

Next on our carousel ride is the talented Dawn Sela, a fabulous New York child photographer!


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Last spring my friend Jen Wilson decided to get fit and raise funds for charity at the same time. The very cool program she chose through the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society involves meeting a fundraising goal AND competing in a Triathalon. I’m one of her photographer friends, along with Katie Davies and Desiree Durang, drafted to help with her brilliant fundraising idea.

Eight families donated directly to the L & L Society and, as a “thank you”, were invited to a four photographer minisession event. The families got to take advantage of a fully tax deductible donation, an afternoon in the fresh country air and a sweet collection of family photos from four different perspectives!

For me, a total personal win-win. I got to give back a little, meet the adorable kidlets from eight fabulous families, hangout with three fun (and so talented!) photographers and enjoy a gorgeous day at an incredibly beautiful private ranch in Agoura. And the best part? Jen did all the Triathlalon training and I avoided the blisters! ; ) OK, maybe that wasn’t “quite” the best part.

The best part for real? The fun (and beautiful)people I’ll be sharing here!

Families = fun + fabulous!

The first half of the year I get more commissions to photograph babies and children on their own, the focus usually being on the child or children. The last half of the year seems to be more family oriented. People start thinking of holiday cards and realizing another year is passing and they need to photograph their growing families now to help savor the memories later.

In the fall I was lucky this gorgeous family braved over 100 degree temperatures and unexpected beach crowds (!) so we could do their session at one of my favorite (and family friendly) Malibu beaches.

I love photographing families, and kids in general, outdoors. We’re so lucky here in Southern California that our weather cooperates most of the year. (Sorry to my Midwestern and Eastern friends! You’re welcome to come visit if you can dig the car out of the snow covered drive!) Most kids are just so much happier outside than in a stuffy studio, especially somewhere they can play while humoring their personal paparazzi for the day.

Little miss personality is the “baby” of her family with three older brothers so you can imagine she’s surrounded by plenty of cars and trucks and stuff to play with. So, we just had to make a little time to indulge in some girlie girl fun, no boys allowed! I was a girl who loved growing up with a brother who shared his toys and can love me some Tonka truck and Matchbox cars play time. But there’s just something about a twirlie skirt and pretty accessories that are irresistable!