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Giggles! | Hermosa Beach Child Photographer

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I’m going through my images to update the website and thought I’d share some here on the blog. This winter session was such a contrast with the warm spring weather we’re enjoying now. It was the day after a big storm along the Southern California coast and we were FREEZING! This family didn’t let the cold stop them from having fun, a real playdate! Just giggling, loving, playing and being silly. What could be better? Love this little one’s laugh!

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Reflections | Blog Carousel | Ventura Professional Photographer

Sunset ballet by the Ventura Pier

Today’s post is another creative collaboration with professional photographers in the U.S. and Canada. Some of the same incredible photographers from the Blog Carnival will be sharing images on their blogs and we’ll be introducing talented new friends to our fun. Our theme is “Reflection” – we can illustrate it in a literal way or choose to go for metaphor, the individual photographer decides!

I thought to share a subtle mix of the literal and metaphor with a sunset ballet in “my backyard”, on the beach by the Ventura Pier.

Next up is North Carolina portrait photographer  Pam Nafziger of Casual Moments Lifestyle Photography with a cool image that had my daughter and I saying “Wow!” aloud when we saw it!

If you’re hopping aboard the carousel with us early this morning please be patient, not everyone is awake and posting yet, check back later to see all the great images! Hope you enjoy!

Ventura Beach

Another fabulous family

It’s holiday season in the portrait photography world. We start early to make sure you have your images ready in time for gift giving and card sending.

To kick off THIS holiday season I’m going to finally blog some sessions from LAST holiday season.

The previous beach session on the blog was challenging due to unexpected HIGH temperatures that topped 100 degrees! And the beautifully shaded areas were so crowded. Four gorgeous little kids who braved burning sand to get their portraits done.

The weather for this session was just as odd but much more comfortable. It was sunshine mixed with clouds and right next to a patch of sunbeams it was RAINING! If you look closely at the image above, those tiny streaks were misty little raindrops!

Sweaters kept us warm until the sun went down, rain and all.

I try to do fun family portraits with a classic feel and mix it up with some more unique images.

I’ve photographed this beautiful family before and I adore the connection and love they have. How cute are mom and dad? I love seeing couples who have been married for awhile and still have that heat between them. And see that little starfish their adorable son is holding in the last photo? A few minutes later we changed positions and a seagull swooped in and stole it out of his hands! Made for a lot of laughter (some of it directed my way as I tried chasing the bird, unsuccessfully, to get it back!)

Families = fun + fabulous!

The first half of the year I get more commissions to photograph babies and children on their own, the focus usually being on the child or children. The last half of the year seems to be more family oriented. People start thinking of holiday cards and realizing another year is passing and they need to photograph their growing families now to help savor the memories later.

In the fall I was lucky this gorgeous family braved over 100 degree temperatures and unexpected beach crowds (!) so we could do their session at one of my favorite (and family friendly) Malibu beaches.

I love photographing families, and kids in general, outdoors. We’re so lucky here in Southern California that our weather cooperates most of the year. (Sorry to my Midwestern and Eastern friends! You’re welcome to come visit if you can dig the car out of the snow covered drive!) Most kids are just so much happier outside than in a stuffy studio, especially somewhere they can play while humoring their personal paparazzi for the day.

Little miss personality is the “baby” of her family with three older brothers so you can imagine she’s surrounded by plenty of cars and trucks and stuff to play with. So, we just had to make a little time to indulge in some girlie girl fun, no boys allowed! I was a girl who loved growing up with a brother who shared his toys and can love me some Tonka truck and Matchbox cars play time. But there’s just something about a twirlie skirt and pretty accessories that are irresistable!